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Windows Mobile

  Prerequisite Requirements:
  A Windows Mobile device with software update 6.1 or higher
  Valid CMC Network Account.

Step-by-Step Citrix Client Installation

Step #1

Power on your device. From the main menu select start, then select Internet Explorer.

Step #2

Brows to:


Select Save.


Step #3

Select save again.

Step #4

The file will download.

Click start, select File Explorer.

Select CitrixInstall.cab

Step #5

Select I accept.

It will install, this may take a few minutes. Once its finished you will get a message that states installation was successful. Select ok.


Step #6

Go to start, then select internet explorer.


Step #7

Browse to:


Fill the form:

(The username you use to log into your PC)

(The password you use to log into your PC)


Step #8

Choose from the list to begin using your CMC applications remotely.


Document Information
Last Updated: 10/29/2010
  Additional Questions?
  Please contact the CMC Help Desk:
  (559) 459-6560